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Click on one of the names below and it will display a page of information for that person. Please excuse the layout of those pages - there still needs to be work done on them!

The left-hand set of names are in order of first name, the right-hand set in order of family name.  Where a person has had two family names (e.g. as a result of marriage) their name appears twice but you will be led to the same page about them.

?? Potter

Abigail Laura Sawkins

Abigail Laura Spencer

Adrian Lamboo

Adrienne F. Garner

Adrienne F. Ibbett

Alan Alexander

Alan Francis Sawkins

Albert ('Bert') Victor Sawkins

Alexander ('Alec') Symmonds

Alfred Lunn

Alfred Smith

Alfred ('Alf') George Sawkins

Alice Mary Garner

Amy Lunn

Andrew Millen

Andrew Yong Gee

Ann Garner

Ann Orpwood

Ann Setchell

Anne Yong Gee

Annie Garner

Annie Philipps

Arthur Henry ('Hu') Garner

Barrie Thorpe

Beatrice Beer

Beatrice Robinson

Bernard Flack

Beryl Hammond

Beryl Thomerson

Billy ('Bombadier') Wells

Billy Ray Sawkins

Cara Joan Sawkins

Carolyn Sawkins

Carolyn Yates

Charles Sawkins

Charles Thomerson

Charles John Edward ('Jack'?) Symmonds

Charles William Sawkins

Charlotte Stroud

Christine Hutcheon

Christopher Hammond

Christopher Thorpe

Clifford Sawkins

Colin Flack

Constance Adams

Daisy Symmonds

Daniel Carr

Denise Hilary Cook

Denise Hilary Gosney

Dominic Raymond Sawkins

Dorothy ('Dot') Symmonds

Dorothy Ann Carr

Dorothy Ann Sawkins

Edgar ('Ed') Sawkins

Edith Beer

Edith Dance

Edith Lunn

Edith L Eastwick

Edith L Gosney

Edward ('Ted') Arthur Sawkins

Elias Gosney

Elias Edward (Edward E?) Gosney

Eliza Tester

Eliza Ann Mills

Eliza Ann Tester

Elizabeth Jeffrey

Elizabeth Tester

Ellen Beer

Ellen Boultwood

Ellen Lunn

Elsie Lunn

Elsie Rayner

Elsie Sawkins

Elsie Margaret Eaton

Elsie Margaret Garner

Emma Mary Boultwood

Emma Rebecca Course

Emma Rebecca Garner

Enid Joan Gosney

Enid Joan Sawkins

Eva Lunn

Francis Tester

Francis ("Frank") Yates

Francis ('Frank') William Sawkins

Francis George Garner

Frank Flack

Frank Tester

Fred Beer

Fred (father) Beer

Fred (son) Beer

Frederick ('Fred') Charles Garner

Gary Robert Yong Gee

George Garner

George Symmon(d)s

George Symmonds

George James Symmon(d)s

George James (son) Symmonds

George John Garner

George Thomas Garner

George's "friend" (male) Symmonds

Geraldine Gee

Geraldine Orata

Gerrie ('Jay') Gee

Gillian ('Jill') Sawkins

Gillian ('Jill') Thorpe

Guy Yong Gee

Harold Adams

Harold Milton-Ham

Helen Cowap

Helen Sawkins

Helen ('Nell') Garner

Helen ('Nell') Hilder

Henry Symmonds

Henry Thomas ('Jim' or 'Sam') Gosney

Henry William Smith

Henry William (father) Smith

Herbert Lunn

Herbert (father) Lunn

Hilda Constance Mary Gunston

Hilda Constance Mary Morgan

Ian Alexander

Ida Ellen Emily Brock

Ida Ellen Emily Garner

Irene Robinson

James Millen

James Anthony Cook

James Frederick Garner

James William Cowap

Jamie Lauren Sawkins

Jane Lunn

Jane Sawkins

Jane Setchell

Jane Wells

Jane Witcher

Jane (mother) Money

Jane (mother) Setchell

Jane Ellen (Cecilia - 'Cissie') Milton-Ham

Jane Ellen (Cecilia - 'Cissie') Symmonds

Jean Colyer

Jennifer Cook

Jessica Sawkins

Jessie Smith

Jessie Charlotte Martin

Jessie Charlotte Smith

Jessie Charlotte Young

Joachim Roger Sawkins

Joe Symmonds

John Beer

John Garner

John Hammond

John Yong Gee

John ('Jack') Francis Garner

Jonathon Cook

Jonathon Stroud

Joseph Baldock

Joseph ('Jo') Peter Ibbett

Joy Sawkins

Joy Stroud

Joyce Beer

Julia Stroud

Julia Harriot (Harriet?) (Harriott?) Gosney

Julia Harriot (Harriet?) (Harriott?) Setchell

Julie Elisabeth Adams

Julie Elisabeth Gee

Julie Elisabeth Sawkins

Julie Elisabeth Smith

Justine Roma Gunston

Justine Roma Newport

Justine Roma Sawkins

Karanne Kliese

Karanne Sawkins

Katharine Millen

Katharine Sawkins

Katharine Thorpe

Katharine (daughter) Millen

Katherine A ('Kate') Flack

Katherine A ('Kate') Symmonds

Kathleen Beer

Keith Stroud

Kenneth Dance

Kenneth Potter

Leonard David Read

Lily Munzing

Lily Potter

Lucy Garner

Lucy Tester

Lucy Helena Garner

Lucy Helena Sawkins

Lucymay Gee

Lynne Garner

Lynne Morell

Mabel Garner

Mabel Symmonds

Malcolm Milton-Ham

Margaret Dodgson

Margaret Garner

Margaret Gosney

Margaret Howes

Margaret Mos

Margaret ('Maggie') Amy Garner

Margaret ('Maggie') Amy Thomerson

Margery Yates

Marianne (Elizabeth?) Baldock

Marianne (Elizabeth?) Boultwood

Marianne Elizabeth Boultwood

Marianne Elizabeth Gosney

Martin Setchell

Martin (father) Setchell

Mary Baldock

Mary Rowley

Mary Ann Bryan (or Bryon)

Mary Ann Symmon(d)s

Mary Grace Dunstan

Mary Grace Garner

Mary Rose Gosney

Mary Rose Smith

Mary Rose Symmonds

Mathew Tester

Matilda Sawkins

Matilda Vale

Matthew Carr

Matthew Norman Sawkins

Maud Bampton

Maud Garner

Maurice Henry Gosney

Michaela Rachel Cowap

Moira (Eileen?) Alexander

Moira (Eileen?) Read

Monique Sawkins

'Mother' Colyer

Myra Hammond

Nadia Husain

Nadia Sawkins

Nora Garner

Pamela Flack

Paul Mark Sawkins

Pauline Lunn

Pauline Sawkins

Percy Gosney

Percy Albert Garner

Peter Symmonds

Peter Graham Garner

Philip Carr

Po Ling ('Pauline') Ma

Po Ling ('Pauline') Yong Gee

R A E Gosney

Rachel Carr

Raymond Lionel Gunston

Rhoda Sawkins

Rhoda Sawkins

Rhoda Wells

Richard ('Rick') Kirby

Richard Smith

Rita Debattista

Rita Yong Gee

Robert Rowley

Robert Setchell

Robert (Elias? C?) Gosney

Rochelle Yong Gee

Roger Millen

Roger Alan Cowap

Roger William Sawkins

Ronald Dance

Ronald Percy ('Ron') Sawkins

Rosemary Gertrude Read

Rosemary Gertrude Symmonds

Rosina Beer

Rosina Denner

Rudolph Flack

Sarah Garner

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

Simon Alexander

'Sister' Alexander

Sophia Cook Garner

Sophia Cook Lewis

Stephen Marshall

Stephen Yong Gee

Stuart Victor Gee

Susanna Fuller

Susanna Rowley

Thomas Hammond

Thomas Lamboo

Thomas Lunn

Thomas Parker

Thomas ('Tom') Symmonds

Thomas Robert Boultwood

Thomas Samuel Wade Sawkins

Timothy Stroud

Veronica ('Couch' ) Alexander

Veronica ('Couch' ) Lamboo

Victoria Thorpe

Violet Gosney

Walter John Garner

Walter William Garner

William Beer

William Garner

William Sawkins

William ('Will') Eaton

William Herbert Garner

Winifred ('Win') Cogswell

Winifred ('Win') Sawkins






Adams, Constance

Adams, Harold

Adams, Julie Elisabeth

Alexander, Alan

Alexander, Ian

Alexander, Moira (Eileen?)

Alexander, Simon

Alexander, 'Sister'

Alexander, Veronica ('Couch' )

Baldock, Joseph

Baldock, Marianne (Elizabeth?)

Baldock, Mary

Bampton, Maud

Beer, Beatrice

Beer, Edith

Beer, Ellen

Beer, Fred

Beer, Fred (father)

Beer, Fred (son)

Beer, John

Beer, Joyce

Beer, Kathleen

Beer, Rosina

Beer, William

Boultwood, Ellen

Boultwood, Emma Mary

Boultwood, Marianne (Elizabeth?)

Boultwood, Marianne Elizabeth

Boultwood, Thomas Robert

Brock, Ida Ellen Emily

Bryan (or Bryon), Mary Ann

Carr, Daniel

Carr, Dorothy Ann

Carr, Matthew

Carr, Philip

Carr, Rachel

Cogswell, Winifred ('Win')

Colyer, Jean

Colyer, 'Mother'

Cook, Denise Hilary

Cook, James Anthony

Cook, Jennifer

Cook, Jonathon

Course, Emma Rebecca

Cowap, Helen

Cowap, James William

Cowap, Michaela Rachel

Cowap, Roger Alan

Dance, Edith

Dance, Kenneth

Dance, Ronald

Debattista, Rita

Denner, Rosina

Dodgson, Margaret

Dunstan, Mary Grace

Eastwick, Edith L

Eaton, Elsie Margaret

Eaton, William ('Will')

Flack, Bernard

Flack, Colin

Flack, Frank

Flack, Katherine A ('Kate')

Flack, Pamela

Flack, Rudolph

Fuller, Susanna

Garner, Adrienne F.

Garner, Alice Mary

Garner, Ann

Garner, Annie

Garner, Arthur Henry ('Hu')

Garner, Elsie Margaret

Garner, Emma Rebecca

Garner, Francis George

Garner, Frederick ('Fred') Charles

Garner, George

Garner, George John

Garner, George Thomas

Garner, Helen ('Nell')

Garner, Ida Ellen Emily

Garner, James Frederick

Garner, John

Garner, John ('Jack') Francis

Garner, Lucy

Garner, Lucy Helena

Garner, Lynne

Garner, Mabel

Garner, Margaret

Garner, Margaret ('Maggie') Amy

Garner, Mary Grace

Garner, Maud

Garner, Nora

Garner, Percy Albert

Garner, Peter Graham

Garner, Sarah

Garner, Sophia Cook

Garner, Walter John

Garner, Walter William

Garner, William

Garner, William Herbert

Gee, Geraldine

Gee, Gerrie ('Jay')

Gee, Julie Elisabeth

Gee, Lucymay

Gee, Stuart Victor

Gosney, Denise Hilary

Gosney, Edith L

Gosney, Elias

Gosney, Elias Edward (Edward E?)

Gosney, Enid Joan

Gosney, Henry Thomas ('Jim' or 'Sam')

Gosney, Julia Harriot (Harriet?) (Harriott?)

Gosney, Margaret

Gosney, Marianne Elizabeth

Gosney, Mary Rose

Gosney, Maurice Henry

Gosney, Percy

Gosney, R A E

Gosney, Robert (Elias? C?)

Gosney, Violet

Gunston, Hilda Constance Mary

Gunston, Justine Roma

Gunston, Raymond Lionel

Hammond, Beryl

Hammond, Christopher

Hammond, John

Hammond, Myra

Hammond, Thomas

Hilder, Helen ('Nell')

Howes, Margaret

Husain, Nadia

Hutcheon, Christine

Ibbett, Adrienne F.

Ibbett, Joseph ('Jo') Peter

Jeffrey, Elizabeth

Kirby, Richard ('Rick')

Kliese, Karanne

Lamboo, Adrian

Lamboo, Thomas

Lamboo, Veronica ('Couch' )

Lewis, Sophia Cook

Lunn, Alfred

Lunn, Amy

Lunn, Edith

Lunn, Ellen

Lunn, Elsie

Lunn, Eva

Lunn, Herbert

Lunn, Herbert (father)

Lunn, Jane

Lunn, Pauline

Lunn, Thomas

Ma, Po Ling ('Pauline')

Marshall, Stephen

Martin, Jessie Charlotte

Millen, Andrew

Millen, James

Millen, Katharine

Millen, Katharine (daughter)

Millen, Roger

Mills, Eliza Ann

Milton-Ham, Harold

Milton-Ham, Jane Ellen (Cecilia - 'Cissie')

Milton-Ham, Malcolm

Money, Jane (mother)

Morell, Lynne

Morgan, Hilda Constance Mary

Mos, Margaret

Munzing, Lily

Newport, Justine Roma

Orata, Geraldine

Orpwood, Ann

Parker, Sarah

Parker, Sarah

Parker, Thomas

Philipps, Annie

Potter, ??

Potter, Kenneth

Potter, Lily

Rayner, Elsie

Read, Leonard David

Read, Moira (Eileen?)

Read, Rosemary Gertrude

Robinson, Beatrice

Robinson, Irene

Rowley, Mary

Rowley, Robert

Rowley, Susanna

Sawkins, Abigail Laura

Sawkins, Alan Francis

Sawkins, Albert ('Bert') Victor

Sawkins, Alfred ('Alf') George

Sawkins, Billy Ray

Sawkins, Cara Joan

Sawkins, Carolyn

Sawkins, Charles

Sawkins, Charles William

Sawkins, Clifford

Sawkins, Dominic Raymond

Sawkins, Dorothy Ann

Sawkins, Edgar ('Ed')

Sawkins, Edward ('Ted') Arthur

Sawkins, Elsie

Sawkins, Enid Joan

Sawkins, Francis ('Frank') William

Sawkins, Gillian ('Jill')

Sawkins, Helen

Sawkins, Jamie Lauren

Sawkins, Jane

Sawkins, Jessica

Sawkins, Joachim Roger

Sawkins, Joy

Sawkins, Julie Elisabeth

Sawkins, Justine Roma

Sawkins, Karanne

Sawkins, Katharine

Sawkins, Lucy Helena

Sawkins, Matilda

Sawkins, Matthew Norman

Sawkins, Monique

Sawkins, Nadia

Sawkins, Paul Mark

Sawkins, Pauline

Sawkins, Rhoda

Sawkins, Rhoda

Sawkins, Roger William

Sawkins, Ronald Percy ('Ron')

Sawkins, Thomas Samuel Wade

Sawkins, William

Sawkins, Winifred ('Win')

Setchell, Ann

Setchell, Jane

Setchell, Jane (mother)

Setchell, Julia Harriot (Harriet?) (Harriott?)

Setchell, Martin

Setchell, Martin (father)

Setchell, Robert

Smith, Alfred

Smith, Henry William

Smith, Henry William (father)

Smith, Jessie

Smith, Jessie Charlotte

Smith, Julie Elisabeth

Smith, Mary Rose

Smith, Richard

Spencer, Abigail Laura

Stroud, Charlotte

Stroud, Jonathon

Stroud, Joy

Stroud, Julia

Stroud, Keith

Stroud, Timothy

Symmon(d)s, George

Symmon(d)s, George James

Symmon(d)s, Mary Ann

Symmonds, Alexander ('Alec')

Symmonds, Charles John Edward ('Jack'?)

Symmonds, Daisy

Symmonds, Dorothy ('Dot')

Symmonds, George

Symmonds, George James (son)

Symmonds, George's "friend" (male)

Symmonds, Henry

Symmonds, Jane Ellen (Cecilia - 'Cissie')

Symmonds, Joe

Symmonds, Katherine A ('Kate')

Symmonds, Mabel

Symmonds, Mary Rose

Symmonds, Peter

Symmonds, Rosemary Gertrude

Symmonds, Thomas ('Tom')

Tester, Eliza

Tester, Eliza Ann

Tester, Elizabeth

Tester, Francis

Tester, Frank

Tester, Lucy

Tester, Mathew

Thomerson, Beryl

Thomerson, Charles

Thomerson, Margaret ('Maggie') Amy

Thorpe, Barrie

Thorpe, Christopher

Thorpe, Gillian ('Jill')

Thorpe, Katharine

Thorpe, Victoria

Vale, Matilda

Wells, Billy ('Bombadier')

Wells, Jane

Wells, Rhoda

Witcher, Jane

Yates, Carolyn

Yates, Francis ("Frank")

Yates, Margery

Yong Gee, Andrew

Yong Gee, Anne

Yong Gee, Gary Robert

Yong Gee, Guy

Yong Gee, John

Yong Gee, Po Ling ('Pauline')

Yong Gee, Rita

Yong Gee, Rochelle

Yong Gee, Stephen

Young, Jessie Charlotte


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