George John Garner

Born: 27.10.1857

Died 17.9.1940

Parents:     Sarah Parker & George Garner

Siblings:    George Thomas, James Frederick, William, George John


Sophia Cook Lewis m 26.6.1880


Edith E, Florence S, Albert G, Helen M, Winifred S, Florence Sarah





Jeweller (owned his own business).


Born and married in Clerkenwell.
Died East Grinstead.
Children not included in database.

John Garner (his great-grandson) wrote in November 2003:

Geoge John Garner ("GJG") was a truly domineering SOB from what I can gather from various family members that I know.  My grandfather emigrated for a good reason (and this came directly from both my father and grandmother) after he grew tired of the battles.  GJG refused to let my Great Aunt Flo [his daughter] emigrate to Canada with her fiancÚ and she remained a spinster for the rest of her life.  Cousin Derek recalls a number of his episodes with less than fond memories, and my great grandparents lived with his parents for several years.  And when GJG did come to Canada to visit my Grandfather, my Grandmother wasn't sad to see him leave.

He was certainly a difficult person to figure out.  All of the descendants who knew him described him as a cranky, domineering individual.  Yet the remnants of his workmanship that exist (and we have a lot) demonstrate a fine touch, he sketched and painted water colours and raised roses with great sensitivity, and he loved music.

I have often wondered why GJGs family had literally no contact that either my branch or my cousins in England are aware of.  The thought that there was more than enough stubbornness to go around on some stupid minor issue has stuck in my mind.

Incidentally, I also found fairly recently that GJG's jewellery shop was within two blocks of the Family Records Centre in London .  Come out the front door, turn left, take a right at the first street, and walk about a block.  And our great-great-grandparents lived within about a five minute walk as well.

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