This page has thumbnails of photos of a number of houses, most of which have been lived in by Roger Sawkins.

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157 Botwell Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UK

Owned by Mary Rose Symmonds (later Gosney & Smith) until 5 November 1968. Enid and Maurice Gosney lived there as children and later Maurice's wife Margaret and daughter Denise. Henry Smith lived there from 1950? to his death in 1968.

7 North Hyde Lane, Heston, Middx, UK

Lucy and Charles Sawkins lived here until after the latter's death.  It was sold in January 1963.

Oakmead, Downside, Cobham, Surrey, UK

Bought by Frank and Enid Sawkins in 1939 and sold in June 1958. Alan and Roger also lived there.

20 Iveagh Road, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Owned by Frank and Enid Sawkins from July 1958 until 1996. Alan Sawkins lived there for part of that time and Roger also lived there until 1960.

4 Rylett Crescent, Shepherds Bush, London, UK

Owned by Daisy Gates, a long-term friend of Enid Sawkins, and Roger Sawkins rented a room there for a few months in 1963.

2 Oxford Road, Redhill, Surrey, UK

Roger and Justine Sawkins rented the flat at the back in 1964.

30 Prince Albert Square, Redhill, Surrey, UK

Owned by Roger and Justine Sawkins from 1964 until April 1967. Paul also lived there.

15 Horrocks Street, Torrens, ACT, Australia

Roger and Justine Sawkins rented this house from May 1967 to December 1969 and Paul, Joachim and Dominic lived there.

14 Marina Road, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia

Rented by Roger and Justine Sawkins between December 1969 and December 1970 with Paul, Joachim, Dominic and Cara.

36a Kerrs Road, Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia

The land was bought by Roger and Justine Sawkins in 1970 and they built a house on it, selling it in December 1971. Paul, Joachim, Dominic and Cara also lived there.

27 Mars Street, Wilston, Brisbane, Australia

Owned by Roger and Justine Sawkins from 1972 until 1975. Paul, Joachim, Dominic and Cara also lived there.

97 Albert Street, Brisbane, Australia

This is where Roger Sawkins had his office when he first arrived in Brisbane in 1971 until 1975?

Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia, Brisbane Aust.

Julie Adams and Roger Sawkins lived here for about six months in 1974/75.

356 Milton Road, Auchenflower, Brisbane, Australia

Bought by six people, including Roger Sawkins and Julie Gee, in March 1975. As various people left the house was owned by Roger and Julie only and then by Roger alone. They and Stuart Gee lived there until December 1978 and Roger then returned in March 1989 until December 1990. Roger still owns the house and it is rented out as two flats. Stuart and Geraldine Gee live in the front flat since 1998?

41 Kersley Road, Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia

Bought by Roger and Julie Sawkins in December 1978 and Julie lived there until March 1986 and Roger until March 1989. Paul, Joachim, Dominic, Cara and Stuart Gee lived there at various times. Roger owned it and it was rented out until sold on 30 April 2006.

1 Nepean Court, Carina, Brisbane, Australia

Owned by Gary Yong Gee from March 1990. Roger Sawkins moved there in December 1990.

1155 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Australia

The chemist shop owned and run by Gary Yong Gee from February 1988 until it was sold in October 2003.  The shop then moved the following month with Gary still working there.

1 Cremorne Pl, King Gge Ave, Petersfield, Hants UK

Owned by Frank & Enid Sawkins from 1996 until their deaths in 1997 and 2000.

Merstham, UK

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