356 Milton Road, Auchenflower, Brisbane, Australia

Bought by six people, including Roger Sawkins and Julie Gee, in March 1975. As various people left the house was owned by Roger and Julie only and then by Roger alone. They and Stuart Gee lived there until December 1978 and Roger then returned in March 1989 until December 1990. Roger still owns the house and it is rented out as two flats. Stuart and Geraldine Gee live in the front flat since 1998?

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From the front the house is almost invisible. The front fence was later replaced with one which provided a better sound barrier. The mango tree can be quite prolific, but they are rather stringy!



The side of the house when we originally bought it. It was not in good condition (particularly the roof). The 'garden' was to the right but sloped steeply and was not really near the house.



The upper corner of the house. The room on the far left originally had an entrance from the street and was the doctor's waiting room, with his surgery along the front verandah.



One of the main bedrooms - this one on the left at the front. The side verandah was used as a sitting out area. All the main bedrooms had small washbasins in the corner.



The main sitting room, looking through to one of the bedrooms which we actually used as a dining room. To the right was a back lobby, kitchen, bathroom and small maids rooms out the back.



From the larder window you could see the city. This has later been changed to open verandah but the views are restricted by the trees which have grown up.

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