There are three ways of looking at photographs of people ...


There are nearly 650 photographs included in this database, plus two series covering the weddings of Dominic Sawkins and of Joachim Sawkins.  There are a number of different ways in which you can look at these photographs:

  1. You can look at photographs by their identification number.

  2. For certain family members where there are a number of photographs you can look at special pages by clicking on the family tree below.

  3. Some photographs have non-family members in them - friends and others.  See the list below. 


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Photographs of particular people


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This time the photographs are in date order.

Photographs of non-family

Many of the photographs include people who are not members of the family - i.e. are not related.  These people are listed below with some information about them and the photograph numbers in which they appear.  To see the photographs, go to the photographs in number order.


Adrian Bugany & Ivor Holmans  Friends of Roger and Gary.  Ivor was Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in Brisbane for many years.


Albert Day In a photograph of the Sawkins/Garner family in 1922 


Alex & Barry  Friends of Roger who lived at 356 Milton Road with him around 1975.


Allan Bell  Friend of Roger and Gary who is now an Anglican priest in London.

P073, P369, P395

Bill Cheung  Friend of Roger and family in Canberra in the late 60's 

P715 to P718, P740

Billy Wurramara  Friend of Roger and Gary who lived with us for short periods and died in May 2007.


Burt Rickrath  A friend of John and John from South Africa

P422, P431, P432

Chris Stead  An original purchaser of 356 Milton Road in 1975 who now lives near Roger.


Connie Pratt  In a photograph of the Alexander family in 1961.

P184, P449, P450, P452

Daisy Gates  'Boss' of Enid Sawkins when she was employed in the Civil Service in England in the early 30's who remained a family friend for the rest of her life.  Roger boarded with her when first out at work in London in the early 1960's.

P319, P320, P481, P482, P650

Dallas Saunders & Met Sukadchasakul  Dallas became a friend of Roger and Gary in late 1994 and met Met in December 1997.  Met has since obtained Australian residency and become naturalised. 

P412, P420, P472, P476, P497, P538

David Blamires  Friend of Roger since 1973, David is a retired professor in Manchester.


David Dallender  Friend of Roger in the early 70's.


Edith Brice  Quaker and friend of Roger.


Emily Dodgson  Related to the Garner family in a photo in 1959.

P420, P497

Emma ?  Friend of Justine Sawkins in the mid-70's, Roger was also acquainted with her around the turn of the century.


Gordon May  Quaker and friend of Roger.

P069, P437, P438, P444, P445, P455, P477

Hank Speirings  Friend of Roger who lived at 356 Milton Road in the late 70's and also at 41 Kersley Road.

P346, P511

Harold Osborne Digby & Yvonne Copeman  Harold was a friend of Maurice Gosney and was often included in family gatherings with Roger's family.  His hobby was long-distance cycling.  He married Yvonne.

P070, P238, P480

Hyung Pak  Friend of Roger who lived at 41 Kersley Road.


Iain Duthie  Friend of Roger and Gary who came to stay for several months in 2000.

P586, P588, P589, P624, P625, P644

John Ebert & John Stafford Friends of Gary and Roger.  John Stafford introduced us to one another!


Jonathon Ruddock  Quaker and friend of Roger.


Kev French  Pharmacist who worked for Gary for around 10 years. 


Kym Friend of Cara Sawkins.


Larry Eng Keat Tan  Pharmacy student who worked for Gary for a year and became a friend. 


Michael Boyle  Friend of Gary and Roger

P421, P432

Nicholas ('Nick') Catherwood  An original purchaser of 356 Milton Road in 1975.


Peter de Waal  With his partner Peter Bonsall-Boone, a friend of Roger for many years.

P437, P438

Peter Leslie Robinson  Friend of Roger who lived at 356 Milton Road in the late 70's.

P069, P070, P478

Phillip Chamberlain  Friend of Roger who Stuart later boarded with.

P631, P634

Rebecca Hutcheon  Daughter of Christine Hutcheon, Dominic's natural mother.


René Slater  Friend of Enid and Frank Sawkins who boarded with them in the 40's.


Richard Newport  Husband of Justine Gunston.

P706 to P713

Saiph Orion and Ihno Basse Saiph lived for short periods with us and his German boyfriend came to stay several times.


Sally Edwards  Daughter of Elisabeth Edwards, a Quaker and friend of Roger.


Samantha ('Sam') Bonnacorso  Employed at Gary's shop and later a friend.


Sekaia Ratumudu  Accountant employed by the Fijian Teacher's Association Benefit Society.


Ted  Friend of John Ebert and John Stafford.

P198, P421, P432, P448

Vivienne Catherwood  An original purchaser of 356 Milton Road in 1975.

P419, P431, P432

Warren Featherstone  An original purchaser of 356 Milton Road in 1975.


Wendy  Friend of Roger and family in 1977.

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