20 Iveagh Road, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Owned by Frank and Enid Sawkins from July 1958 until 1996. Alan Sawkins lived there for part of that time and Roger also lived there until 1960.

Enid's diary on 3 April 1970 says "Valuation just over 8,000. (Was this the house?)

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Not long after it was bought by Frank and Enid Sawkins. Note the gate is still there and the hedge is very young!




Another photo of the house not long after Frank and Enid bought it.




Looking much better for a coat of paint. The house was virtually unchanged outside throughout the period.




The Astolat pub next door with the Guildford Cathedral in the background. The car was bought by Roger Sawkins from his father, Frank.



The alterations above and behind the garage had been completed and the house painted.


The alterations are more obvious from the side of the house.