Margaret ('Maggie') Amy Garner (or Thomerson)

Born: 1885

Died ?

Parents:     Lucy Tester & William Garner

Siblings:    Lucy Helena, William Herbert, Francis George, Margaret ('Maggie') Amy, Arthur Hu, Frederick Charles, Walter John, Percy Albert, Alice Mary


Charles Thomerson m 14.2.1930




1901: 45 Westbury Road, Walthamstow.

1950's: Reynards Lane/Close, Welwyn





Born Walthamstow (1901 census says Islington).
Married Walthamstow, West Ham, Essex.
Daughter Beryl was husband's child.

In an email dated 9 June 2004, Alan Sawkins (grandson) said:

Our parents sometimes took a holiday and Roger and I were looked after by Grandma and Grandpa Sawkins who at that time lived next door to Uncle Charles and Auntie Maggie in Reynards Lane/Close, Welwyn.  Uncle Charles had a number of chickens, goats, and other birds and animals.  Consequently, because of this and the fact that Auntie Maggie liked us more than Grandma we spent a lot of time at their bungalow rather than Grandma and Grandpa's.


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