Alfred ('Alf') George Sawkins

Born: 25 October 1887

Died: 1970?

Parents:     Matilda Vale & Charles Sawkins

Siblings:    Charles William, Edward ('Ted') Arthur, Alfred ('Alf') George, Albert ('Bert') Victor 

Relationships:  K.?



1887: 29 Linford Road, Walthamstow.
1897 - 1900: 92 Leucha Road, Walthamstow

1901: 10 Russell Road, Walthamstow, Essex.




Enid Sawkins' diary on 27 December 1970 says: "Ron phoned to say Uncle Fred died yesterday.  Passed news to Beryl."  If this was Frank's brother Ron it could have been their uncle.  Beryl would have been Beryl Thomerson, daughter of Charles Thomerson whose wife, Maggie, was a sister-in-law (once removed) of Alf Sawkins.

Her diary on 4 July 1970 says ďAunt Maudís niece phoned to say Uncle Fred very ill.Ē  and on 24 September "To Auntie K. & Uncle F. in morninng."


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