1865 Sampler


This sampler (150mm x 190mm) was done by Marianne Elizabeth Boultwood (later Gosney, born 10 March 1855 at Upton, West Ham, Essex, died 24 December 1914 in Wandsworth, London).

Dated 14 July 1865 when she was 10 years old, it was done at Habin School (presumably West Sussex).

Around 1878 she married Robert Elias Gosney (born 27 October 1856, died 13 November 1935), whose mother 
Julia Harriot Setchell (born 1828?, date of death unknown) did the 1865 sampler

Marianne Elizabeth and Robert Elias had three children, Violet (born 1880?, died 1890?), Henry Thomas (born 6 November 1883, died 29 December 1943) and Percy (dates of birth and death unknown). She appears in her son's wedding photograph (See the family wedding).



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