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An explanation of this website

Across the top of each page you will see a series of five links which when you click on them will take you to differet pages.  Each of those pages will have links to various sub-pages so that you can click back and forth across all the information.  The five main links are as follows:

This page lists all the names in the extended Sawkins, Garner and Gosney families.  Click on one of those names and you will go to a page giving information about that person.

This page will lead you to the family tree.  Because  there are over 300 people in it I have split it into three overlapping family trees.  This page also has an index of all the people appearing in the family trees to help you find a particular person.

This page enables you to look at the photographs of people, partly on the basis of the photo number and also by a restricted family tree and a list of non-family names.

This page lists various houses that I have lived in with a photograph of each.

This page will lead you to a series of documents.  These include the eulogies for both my parents, a couple of articles about my grandparents wedding and a family bible, information about recent members of the Garner family and copies of two "samplers" made in the 19th century.


A history of the family history

Around 1970 my mother, Enid Sawkins (formerly Gosney), started to research her family history.  I don't know for certain what prompted her, but maybe it was that her mother (Mary Rose) was then in her eighties and her father and stepfather had died.  I don't know either whether Enid discussed the family history with her mother but I do know that she had a number of photos and other memorabilia from her mother's house after Mary died.

She continued the research sporadically over the next ten or fifteen years and then passed a lot of the information on to me.  I was lucky enough to have a contact from my cousin, Adrienne, and she provided me with a lot of information about the Garner side of the family (my father's mother's family).  However, neither had much information about the Sawkins' family and so I have had to do my own research about them.

After my father, Frank, died in 1997 I spent some time in England visiting my mother and helping her to clear out some of her belongings.  Included were a large number of photographs, including many which she had inherited from her mother.  I took the opportunity to talk with her about many of these and also to scan them into a computer.

All this provided me with enough information to produce a CDrom, which I did in September 2000, and to send copies to a number of members of the family.  That was Version 1.1.  Hence this is Version 2.1 (starting a new series because it is very different from the previous one).  The original CDrom consisted mainly of photos, a database of family information and some family trees.  Because it used a variety of software, it was not very user-friendly and assumed the user had database and other software which is not very common.  Hence this version.

This website based on the CDrom which was distributed to a number of members of my family some years ago.  The information here is very preliminary - I know there are a number of errors and omissions and I intend to deal with them as I am able.  I have also received information from other members of the extended family, and of course people are having more children! Bear in mind it has taken 4 years to get from the first version to this second one, so don't expect miracles!  If you come across errors or other information you could supply, please let me know.


The future of the family history

This website deals mainly with factual information - dates of birth and death, relationships, etc.  Even then there are many gaps and areas where further research can be done.  The website also does not give much information about the people themselves, their lives, personalities, etc.  Maybe some of that can come in a later edition.

If you have any information you can add to what is here, or if you find any errors or problems with this, please let me know!  My address is shown below.

Roger Sawkins

January 2009

(reformatted 2014)


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